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Finding balance is easier said than done especially when you have numerous career choices that interest you. I say, why choose? Do them all! That’s what I have set out to do. That’s where the balance part gets difficult, but I’ve always embraced a challenge.

Top players promotions

This year alone, I have had the joy of working on international executive protection assignments for high profile clients who require maximum discretion. This is an occupation I got into over 9 years ago, I love working with these clients and being able to see the world through a completely different perspective.

In connecting with the martial arts side of my persona, I have been fortunate enough to get to ring announce, commentate and do post fight interviews for several different fight cards around the country. If you get the opportunity, make sure to check out “Top Players Promotions” and “Real MMA” both organizations have been producing amazing fight cards and working to promote top notch fighters.

In addition, I have been working as an ambassador for the Masters Hall of Fame. This year they have had 2 successful sold out events. It’s a dream to be apart of something so phenomenal witnessing hundreds of martial artists from around the world all gathered to recognize excellence in martial arts. In attendance was Frank Dux (the man the movie Bloodsport was written about) Don “the Dragon” Wilson, Art Camacho & TJ Storm (just to name a few).

This year I am pleased to announce, I will be inducted into the Martial Arts History Museum. This is a huge honor for me and I couldn’t be any more excited to receive this award.

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In tapping into the firearms side of me, “Leading Edge Body Armor” has recently chose me to be their spokesperson for their new ultra thin ballistic vest. We just completed filming the live shooting demonstration. To call this a job would certainly be unfair, I call times like this nothing shy of fabulous.

In the midst of all of these activities, I have still been able to work with numerous organizations doing what I love; providing self-defense training to groups and/or individuals that require it. It is beyond rewarding being able to work with victims of crimes to include human trafficking. There is such a huge progression from the time we meet until the time we leave. I can sleep better at night knowing I instilled in them the skills and confidence needed so they don’t ever have to be a victim again.

All in all life really is what you make of it. I believe in working hard and playing just as much. Balance is important, but when you do what you love – it’s really not a job at all. I can’t thank those around me enough for providing me the opportunities that they have given me. I surround myself with amazing people and because of that my dreams are able to come to fruition. It goes to show that when you work hard and do the right thing, good things truly do come back to you!