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Finding balance is easier said than done, especially when you have numerous career choices that interest you. When people ask me “what I do for a living”, I’m never sure which career they are referring to. In summary I do healthcare marketing by day, and martial arts by night.

unnamedFor fun, I thoroughly enjoy traveling the world. I have been fortunate to find a career path that allows me to travel, work and play all at the same time. Because of my extensive martial arts background, I am fortunate to be able to work international executive protection assignments for high profile clients that require maximum discretion. This type of job could’ve easily been made for me. I love working these type of assignments with my clients and being able to see the world through a completely different perspective.

A lot of what I’m passionate about seems to stem around martial arts. The opportunities and benefits of this lifestyle are endless. Currently I am tapping into every aspect of it as much as possible. I like to refer to this as getting paid to play!

I currently serve as the official ring announcer for Real MMA. They are a fantastic fight organization who really takes pride in taking care of their fighters. They sponsor many up-and-coming fighters and have fight promotions almost every other month in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition, I get to work with California Fight League on their televised MMA promotions. I can’t say enough about this organization, their matchmaking is second to none, they host amateur and professional MMA bouts and give top notch fighters the opportunity to showcase their skills. Every event I’ve ever been to has been sold out and it’s so much fun not only to commentate but to provide post fight interview’s and get up close and personal with these fighters.

I feel very honored to get the opportunity to work with the Nevada boxing Hall of Fame. I am their official emcee for their ongoing fundraising events. They continue to give back to the local community and support numerous gyms, up and coming fighters and legends in the industry.unnamed-004

All the while, I truly enjoy working as an ambassador for the Masters Hall of Fame. I just had the opportunity of emceeing their annual event in San Antonio, Texas. It was truly a “Who’s Who” of martial artists in attendance.

This year looks like it will be a busy one, and that alone could not excite me anymore. I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the year at these events. If there’s any advice I can give anybody, is to live your life to the fullest and not let anyone tell you you need to conform. It’s not easy, but with the right attitude, you too can do it all! 🙂